GRADE 7 & 8 Faith Formation 2016-2017

September 4, 2016

Dear Families,

WELCOME to our new year of Faith Formation!  With the school year now under way I hope each of your children have transitioned smoothly to the changes that a new school year can bring. I am honored to be supporting your efforts at raising your children in the Catholic faith. I am very excited to lead our team of catechists as we work together to share the Good News.

Our first class of Faith Formation is less than 2 weeks away. Classes begin on Tues. Sept. 20th for 8th grade, and Wed. Sept. 21st for 7th grade.  For those that are in 7th grade, and as a reminder to our 8th graders here are a few details to know:

- Students are to arrive at the Church Hall at 6:20. Class will begin at 6:30.
- They should always bring their Bible as well as their folder, which will be given to them on the first night.
- Class meets every other week, with some exceptions based on holidays, vacation, and scheduling conflicts.
- The calendar for the year is attached.
- Regular attendance at Faith Formation is very important and should be a priority. With only 15 nights of class no student should miss more than 2 classes. 
- Class ends at 8:00.  Please try to avoid early dismissals for your child as it disrupts the closure of the evening including our closing prayer and wrap up of the night.
- Communication via email will occur throughout the year.  If you have not received an email over the summer regarding Faith Formation please let me know what email address works for you.

Again, I look forward to a great year with your children as we journey together to grow in our faith. If you have any questions or concerns at any time, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Peace to all,

Maggie Seaver
Middle School Faith Formation Director/Youth Minister