Youth Faith Formation: Forming Disciples for Christ and for the World

Middle School Communities meet every other Tuesday and Wednesday evenings 6:30pm-8pm. There will be after school classes this year.

Office of Faith Formation Faith Formation Secretary

Noranne S. Wamester, M.A. Theresa Aiudi

Pastoral Associate 860-529-6765

Faith Formation Director


Regular attendance at faith formation communities is expected. This year, we will be monitoring attendance very closely. Two excused absences are allowed. A call to the Faith Formation Office or a note is required. You may also e-mail Noranne Wamester at

Respectful Behavior:

Each student is to enter his/her faith community with an attitude of respect for the catechist, one another and for the Church property and for the property of others in the space that they are meeting in. Cell phones are not allowed. If a cell phone accompanies the child, the child will be asked to turn it off and place it in a safe space with the catechist until dismissal. We have a zero tolerance for any form of disrespectful behavior. If this occurs, the parent will be called to bring the child home. Modest attire is expected at all times.

Change of Personal Information:

Please notify the Faith Formation Office if you have a change of address, telephone number, cell phone number or e-mail address. It is most important to have updated information in case of an emergency.

Storm cancellations: Storm or emergency cancellations will be found on our website or on the local television and radio networks.